Cinergy Innovations, Inc.

About Us

Our Mission

Located in the heart of Southern California, Cinergy Innovations, Inc. was established in 1993 to provide professional engineering services to both governmental and private entities in the design and implementation of advanced voice and data radio communication and information systems.

Our Focus

Focusing primarily on (so-called) "wireless" communication systems, we have the expertise to configure all the necessary peripheral and human interface equipment such as to arrive at complete "turnkey" solutions to your communication needs. Also, our many years of engineering project management experience serves as a catalyst to help ensure that projects are executed to your full satisfaction and within the alloted time frame and budget.

Corporate ValuesCinergy is committed to providing quality engineering design and management services, with an emphasis on:

  • Commitment to excellence
  • Application of latest proven technology
  • Recognition of and attention to cost-benefit tradeoffs
  • Absolute business integrity
  • Financial accountability
  • Efficiency of operation with low overhead
  • People-oriented management

Team Synergy Whether your project requires conceptual or detail design, development or integration, installation or test - not to mention the important roles of drafting, documentation, materials management and quality assurance - and no matter how small or large, simple or complex our needs, Cinergy can specify and configure all the components needed for your communication system, integrating them together to form a unique, synergistic entity. Hence our name "Cinergy", a derivative of the word SYNERGY ...i.e., "the combined action of two or more entities to achieve an effect greater than the sum of that of which each is individually capable."

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