Expertise and Services

Voice/Data Radio Systems

Trunked, Conventional and Simulcast Land Mobile (39, 450/470/480/512, 800, 900 MHz) • Analog/digital modulation (AM, FM, Digital Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)) • Vendor architectures: Motorola SmartNet; M/A-COM EDACS, OpenSky; LTR • Voice-over-IP • Mobile Data Terminals and messaging • Ground to Air radio product development (118-400 MHz) • WiFi

Antenna Systems

Transmitter Combining and Receiver Multicoupling • Antenna pattern measurement and optimization; interference and overlap mitigation • Lightning protection • Environmental/esthetic impact

Radio Coverage

Prediction, optimization and measurement of radio coverage reliability - outdoor and "in-building" • Bidirectional repeater and RF-over-Fiber coverage enhancement system design and implementation • Distributed Antenna (radiating cable) systems

RF Emissions and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Intermodulation and Interference analysis, mitigation and testing • Nextel/800 MHz rebanding • FCC compliance and licensing • Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE)

Communication Traffic Loading

Radio channel loading • Grade of Service and throughput analysis

System Reliability

System reliability and MTBF analysis and optimization • Equipment redundancy/standby • Supervisory, control, data acquisition (SCADA) • Network Control and Management

Telecommunication and IT Networks

Backbone telecommunication networking • Analog and digital microwave (2 GHz, 6 GHz, 10 GHz) system design, implementation and test • Digital (Delta) modulator/multiplexer product design • Data networking and network management • UNIX programming, Ethernet, T1-CSU/DSU, Cisco routers, Oracle database • Digital (PCM) Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) manufacture and test

Radar Systems

Radar Transmitter and Antenna product design and test (2 GHz, 10 GHz)

Audio & Video Systems

CCTV • Public Address • Changeable Message Signs • Emergency Telephone Systems • Radio and Television Broadcast system design, implementation and test

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Transit CAD system (Orbital Sciences/TMS) • Integrated voice data messaging • Automatic Vehicle Location (GPS/AVL)

Dispatch Operations

Dispatch Centers • Command/Control/Communication (C3) and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Systems and Consoles • Vendor equipment: Orbacom TDM150, Motorola Centracom, Avtech

Emergency Communications

Emergency Backup/Fallback communications modes of operation • Interoperability with other radio systems/users (inter-agency, Mutual Aid, Amateur Radio)

Communication Facilities

Facility Requirements • Equipment Shelters • Antenna Towers • Utilities • Standby and Uninterruptible Power Systems • Alternative power sources

Project Management

Complex, turnkey, multi-million dollar engineering projects • 800 MHz Rebanding • Scheduling • Cost Benefit Analysis • Funding • Impact Analysis and Risk mitigation • Upgrade and Cutover Strategy and Planning • Resource Management • Vendor/Contractor Management • Installation oversight • Acceptance Testing • Quality assurance • Documentation • Training


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